Father’s Day Flicks


Hey all you bloggers happy Father’s Day! Today I will talking about some of the greatest Father’s Day flicks. The first of our flicks is none other then Father of The Bride. In this hilarious film we see George Banks a protective father over his precious daughter Annie Banks, although he only wants what’s best for his little girl George gets himself into some sticky situations involving brunch with the In-Laws where he ends up taking and dropping the check book of the future In-Laws into their pool, if that doesn’t say total comedy I don’t know what does!

Our next Father’s Day Flick is Mrs. Doubtfire. For those of you bloggers who have yet to see this movie I highly recommend it if you like lots laughs and heart-warming tales. In the movie of Mrs. Doubtfire we see Robin Williams as a helpless divorced father who wants to spend more time with his kids, he devises a plan to spend more time with children and in doing so he becomes the woman who is well known even to this day, this woman is also known as the great Mrs. Doubtfire. This is definitely a must-see movie as it is not only fun for the family but it is also a movie for anyone who enjoys the art of comedy. Well that’s all I have for today, I hope you enjoyed my Father’s Day Special. Keep reading for more information from my blog Movie Magic, see you next time.

ReelChic x

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