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Another day another hour in the life and times of me. For most of you who are probably thinking why should I be reading this blog how is it any different from the rest? Trust me for those of you who love old movies I think you will take some form of an interest to this blog, I have no movies to write about at the moment but for those of you who become my followers or like my blog (for those of you who do) I can reassure you that if you ask me to write about any movie you would like me to talk about then I will! 🙂 Stay posted for more information on Movie Magic where your movies really matter,

ReelChic x

About reelchic94

Hi my name is Ciara Walsh and I have two blogs, I started both of these blogs because I am interested in books and films. If you would like to find out more information follow me on Reelchic94 or Mad About Books on

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